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Latino Film Fest Pokes Fun At Stereotypes

As cliché as it sounds, clichés are an important part of making movies. Stereotypes permeate every genre from rom-coms to horror flicks. And this year instead of rebelling against these preconceived notions, the New York International Latino Film Festival is embracing them with their new tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign.

According to The New York Times, the festival hopes that their use of these ads will poke fun at the overt typecasting of Latino characters while also attracting a broad audience of Latinos and non-Latinos alike. Focusing on the art though, rather than the culture is the main goal of the festival.

The ads, which range from print placements to TV spots, highlight specific Latino stereotypes. For example, one print ad features a graph charting the names of gardeners in a movie; José, Ramón and Juan completely dominate the name Steve.  The festival will take place from August 15  to 21 in New York City.

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