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Telefilms, So Hot Right Now. Telefilms.

I'm not going to go as far with telefilms as I did last week with miniseries, and declare that they are experiencing a revival. For the most part, it's still the same networks commissioning the same projects: HBO vacuuming up Emmys with its political dramas; Lifetime, ABC Family, and Hallmark pumping out schmaltzy Candace Cameron Bure vehicles; et cetera.

However, during their May upfronts TNT announced a slate of six telefilms based on the sort of colorfully bound mystery novels my mom reads (this is not meant in a derogatory way; my mom rules, and has very good taste in…most things), so that's new and interesting. The network is branding it as the TNT Tuesday Night Mystery series. The films are supposed to start showing up on the airwaves in November, because nothing goes with turkey and stuffing like COLD-BLOODED MURDER!!!!

Anyhow, two of the projects—"Deck the Halls," based on a book by mother-daughter team Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, and "Ricochet," based on a book by Sandra Brown—are already under way. Susan Edelman and Stacey Rosen, respectively, did the casting, and even though that information is useless to you now, I felt it worth mentioning from a completist standpoint.

Two more projects are set to get shooting this month. "Innocent," based on a book by Scott Turow and starring Bill Pullman, is being cast by Junie Lowry-Johnson and Libby Goldstein. It will shoot in Vancouver. "Silent Witness," based on a book by Richard North Patterson, is being cast by Cathy Sandrich Gelfond of Mackey/Sandrich. It will shoot in beautiful Toronto. Not entirely sure, but shooting all these movies about crime might actually cause the crime rate in Canada to go up (because there's no crime there, get it!?!?).  [Joke redacted.]

The last two of the greenlit telefilms are scheduled to go before cameras in September. "Hide"—source material by Lisa Gardner and casting by Christal Karge and Cami Patton—will start shooting on the first of the month in NOLA. "Good Morning, Killer," the most hilariously named of them all, is being adapted for the screen by author April Smith. It's being cast by Bacharach/O'Neill and will also shoot in Vancouver.

Some other projects in this series are still in development, and if the bookshelf outside my parents' room is any indication, TNT should run out of viable source material right around the time when the sun's core exhausts its supply of hydrogen, and its expanding atmosphere consumes the Earth.

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