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Television May Shave a Few Years Off of Your Life

Researchers in Australia have released a study suggesting that watching too much television may indirectly decrease your lifetime. According to their findings, for every hour of TV viewed after the age of 25, lifespan fell by 22 minutes. The study offered two explanations for this potential occurrence.

First, the more time spent watching TV, means the more time typically spent eating and devoting less of one's day to being physically active, putting someone at greater risk for obesity.  Second, people may view too much TV because they are depressed, which may lead to premature deaths. It seems like if you exercise and eat moderately, according to this study, watching television shouldn't harm you. Thanks, Mom.
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It couldn't have anything to do with the vast amount of crap on television could it? If one were to watch only the quality shows that are uplifting, educational and NON-reality based then one might even have time and energy for a daily walk. What is happening to our culture?

I believe that there is nothing wrong with excessive television viewing. People are different and they are going to do what they are going to do. Everybody has a different personality.

One this I don't like about T.V. is the commercials comming on tons of chanels at the almost exact same time in order to Force you to watch them.

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