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Two Big Action Stars Return to … Action

 When Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to run for governor of California, it was probably for the best in one respect (that respect not being our state's fiscal situation): His last few movies were, uh … bad. Post True Lies, his last universally-regarded-as-bad-ass film, he dropped Junior (meh), Eraser (admittedly decent), Jingle All the Way (let us never speak of this again), End of Days (more like, End of Career), The 6th Day (a movie so bad that, after pleading my case to the theater manager, I was able to convince him to refund my ticket money — despite having stayed for the whole film), Collateral Damage (didn't see; still angry about The 6th Day), and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (meh again). From there he segued to the governorship, which he recently vacated with approval ratings generally associated with the DMV. Then he got divorced after it was revealed he had fathered a child with his housekeeper, and yet somehow, here we are, pretty excited about his return to the silver screen. His first project, Last Stand, is set to get under way in New Mexico in October. It's being directed by Kim Jee-woon, who directed the Korean romantic comedy "I Saw the Devil," among others. Arnold plays a sheriff in a border town who must stop an escaped cartel kingpin from escaping across the border into Mexico. Ronna Kress is doing the casting honors.

While Arnold was busy screwing up California ever worse that it was already screwed up, the action-lead void was filled by guys like Matt Damon and Tom Cruise, which I didn't see working out, but it kind of did. Damon has ceded his Bourne franchise to Jeremy Renner, but Cruise is still going strong, and on the heels of his fourth Mission: Impossible installment, he's set to play the lead in One Shot, an adaptation of a novel by Lee Child, one of a series, possibly setting the table for another kajillion-dollar franchise. He plays Jack Reacher, who, in the books, is 6'5" 250 lbs., so … I imagine the opening action scene will involve him getting both shins blown off or something. Anyhow, One Shot starts shooting in Pittsburgh in early October, and is being cast by Mindy Marin.

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