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Big Comedy Projects Abound

Summer is over, and everyone has a sad. The skies are overcast, there are no cherries on the shelves of your local supermarket, Starbucks is already pumping people full of pumpkin spice lattes, and the new fall shows have begun their plodding, inexorable march toward cancellation.

But not all is lost! In these times of downcast eyes and frownie faces, we look to the studio production executives, who, having donned their brightest tunics, prance through the studio backlots greenlighting comedy projects, spreading good cheer, and throwing BlackBerrys at their assistants’ heads. Callooh! Callay!

First up is “Rivals” from Warner Bros., formerly known as “Southern Rivals.” Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis play politicians competing for a House seat in South Carolina, who dig deep into their respective bags of dirty tricks to win. Sounds amazing, pretty much. It’s going to be way funnier than the actual 2012 elections, though that’s a pretty low bar. Allison Jones is tasked with fleshing out the campaign teams. “Rivals” shoots in October in New Orleans.

Next is “Burt Wonderstone” from New Line, which features America’s second-biggest comedy star guy, Steve Carell, as a flamboyant Vegas magician who struggles to regain his love of magic after his partner is killed in a tragic accident. Shoot dates are tentative, but hopefully the project will get going in January. Lisa Beach and Sarah Katzman will be casting it, but it’s not ready to go just yet.

Even next-er, “The Longest Week,” starring Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde, who is in every movie now, so I guess I didn’t need to mention her by name. Anyhow, Bateman plays an heir to a hotel fortune who gets cut off by his parents and is forced to move in with a friend. His friend has a hot girlfriend, and Bateman’s character gets the hots for her because she is Olivia Wilde, and have you seen Olivia Wilde? She’s hot! “The Longest Week” shoots next month in New York. It’s being cast by Mary Vernieu and JC Cantu at Betty Mae Casting.

See? You’re cheering up already, I can tell. I told you! This good news should tide you L.A. actors over until you remember that in a few short weeks our entire city will smell like feces because everyone fertilizes their lawns before the winter rains. Yay!

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