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Hollywood Back From les Vacances, Starts Casting Stuff Again

After a few weeks of very little news—other than an earthquake, a hurricane, and some lady who bought a piece of wood in a McDonald’s parking lot thinking it was an iPad—Hollywood types are back from their vacations, and back to work casting up projects that are scheduled to shoot late this year and early next.
Sheila Jaffe, who is temporarily on the East Coast casting HBO’s “40” pilot, will return to L.A. to cast Allen Hughes’ new project, “Broken City.” Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe are already on board, and shooting is scheduled to start in November in New York—as long as it’s not on fire, or underwater, or frozen solid, or occupied by a malevolent alien race. Never know with New York these days.
Speaking of malevolent alien races, Orson Scott Card’s classic novel about a space commander in training, “Ender’s Game,” is getting the big-screen treatment. John Papsidera of Automatic Sweat will be doing the casting, and shooting will get under way in February. Great book, always seemed like a natural for a big-budget blockbuster, so naturally this project will be a disaster of “Battlefield Earth”–ian proportions. Shame, that.
Another big project scheduled to start in February is Steven Soderbergh’s second-to-last project before he retires to become a painter. It’s a screen adaptation of ’60s TV series “The Man From U.N.C.—
Wait, what?!! A painter? WTF? Anyhow, “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,” which until this week had George Clooney attached to star. He has dropped out for unknown reasons, leaving the project without a proven leading man and prompting Soderbergh to announce that the name of his first gallery show will be “George Clooney: Stupid Butt Face.” Anyhow, the project has not been pushed back, and everything appears to be moving ahead, with Carmen Cuba assigned casting duties.… I’m seriously … Painting? Really?
In a bit of TV news, A&E’s recently picked-up drama “Longmire” will be cast by Junie Lowry-Johnson, who did the pilot. It’s also scheduled to start shooting in February, in New Mexico.


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