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More Viewers Cutting Cable; 'Horror' Shut Down

Quinn • As the new fall TV season gears up, it's not just a question of it people will watch new shows, but on what device? Business Week discusses that many consumers are choosing to watch shows online or Netflix rather than pay for cable subscription. In retaliation, broadcast and cable networks are trying to prevent viewers from watching programs online without a subscription. Could this battle eventually end with the consumers forgoing television and instead reading, dare I say, a book? No, probably not.

• Jerry O'Connell will make his Broadway debut this fall in "Seminar," reported Playbill. O'Connell most recently starred in the now cancelled "The Defenders," but for sci-fi fans, he is best known for playing Quinn in "Sliders" and for starring in the 1986 film "Stand by Me" 

• Local politicians shut down a Georgia production of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" because it was too raunchy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Yes, something similar happened in the TV show "Glee."

The New York Times talks about three African-American women whose plays will be on Broadway this season. Also, the Times looks at this fall's four musical revivals and their attempts at reinterpretation.

Pictured: Jerry O'Connell (Photo: Getty Images)

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