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SAG Member Pleads Guilty in 'Black Swan' Leak

0915 black swan Wes DeSoto, the Screen Actors Guild member accused of linking awards-screener copies of "Black Swan" and other films to The Pirate Bay, has pled guilty on one copyright-infringement related charge, according to Wired.com. Earlier this year, Wired had reported that FBI agents raided DeSoto's Los Angeles apartment on a tip from the Motion Picture Association of America.

Citing court documents, Wired reported that DeSoto pled guilty to leaking "Black Swan." He had also been suspected of illegally circulating copies of "The King's Speech," "The Fighter," "127 Hours," and "Rabbit Hole." According to Wired, DeSoto will likely face three years probation if convicted.

Pictured: Winona Ryder and Natalie Portman in "Black Swan"

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Probation is the penalty for supporting pirating! Where is the deterrent!? This is surely a case where the punishment does not fit the crime. Take a look at the statistical cost of piracy to the entertainment industry...to America. This makes me think the legal system, or the judge who delivered the sentence...o.k., slap on the wrist, is profiting from piracy. But, if not enough people expose this or complain about the crime things won't improve.

Three years probation? Are you serious? Hell... I once loaned a screener to a good friend, so that he and his girlfriend could watch it in his home overnight. When he didn't return it to me the very next morning as promised, I feared that it might fall into the wrong hands, and I'd end up sentenced to three yeaars in "Federal Pound-me-in-the-ass prison" Probation? Shit... I should have shown those screeners in the park, and charged admission.

Three years probation for downloading films onto a piracy site? SAG members shouldn't look forward to seeing screeners show up in their mailbox again any time in the future.

Thanks A-hole

Yup, those are the films all SAG members were either sent DVDs or online access by the studios for voting on the SAG awards. This news will definitely deter studios from doing that again. Other news reports describe this "actor" as a "little known supporting player"...but look him up on IMDb. He has virtually no credits. Wow. Gives real actors a bad name.

What an idiot! I hope SAG kicks him out.

It is time for screener dvds and digital downloads that took forever on my I-Tunes to be replaced by secure streaming via Netflix or similar. The cost to the studios would be small compared to printing and shipping screeners that may or may not make it into the hands of the intended and much harder to pirate from what I have heard and read.

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