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Seth Rogen Cover Story

When I first saw "50/50" several months ago, I immediately tweeted that Seth Rogen delivered a performance worthy of an Oscar nomination. As expected, most people thought I was joking. Now that the film is finally opening this weekend, people will have a chance to see how serious I am. We expect greatness from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Adam, a 27-year-old man diagnosed with cancer in the film, and he delivers. (I'm surprised he hasn't been popping up on more Oscar shortlists, honestly.) But even though Rogen's character (he plays Adam's best friend) isn't a huge stretch--he's the loudmouthed best friend prone to getting stoned and talking about girls--it's a performance of surprsing sweetness and vulnerability.

This week's cover story has me sitting down with Rogen, and is available to read here. Among the surprises: he's the rare filmmaker who likes test screening his movies. He is also very honest about the fact that it was important to him critics like this film, while he previously didn't care if his movies got good reviews. But perhaps my favorite revelation? He worked on the script of "Big Momma's House 2."

--Jenelle Riley

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