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Chinese Adaptation of 'Gossip Girl' Underway

BlakeThe CW show “Gossip Girl” will soon be in Asia legally. In an almost cult-like following, Chinese viewers have been watching 229th ranked primetime show in the U.S. via illegal downloads and streaming video sites, according to the Wall Street Journal. Now, there are official plans to create a Chinese version of the teenage drama.

“Gossip Girl” has never aired on any television networks in China, but executives of the show believe that it is more popular over there than it is here. It only seems reasonable to create a version of the show suitable for Chinese teenagers seeing as these teenagers are going so far out of their way to access the American original. Right?

Though the CW show has a strong fan base in China, its adaptation's success is not guaranteed. A previous attempt at a Chinese  version of “Ugly Betty”  didn’t live up to audience expectations because the cast wasn’t deemed "‘ugly enough." So there’s no telling whether or not a new version of “Gossip Girl” will make the cut. Here’s hoping its cast is "gossipy" enough.

Pictured: Blake Lively, "Gossip Girl" cast member (Photo: Getty Images)

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I thought China was smarter than that.

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