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Iranian Actor Facing 90 Lashes for Starring in Film

Iranian actress Marziah Vafamehr is reportedly facing a year in prison and 90 lashes for starring in a film that criticizes Iran's policy toward the arts. Her sentence was revealed by Iranian opposition website Kalameh.com, but authorities have not confirmed its claim.

In the 2009 Australian film "My Tehran for Sale," Vafamehr portrays an actress banned from working during the Iranian Revolution. Her character escapes to Australia, but is put in immigration detention. The movie also shows young Iranians partying and having premarital sex. Iran banned the film due to its content, but it has circulated underground. Vafamehr was arrested in July.

According to Deadline, the specifics of Vafamehr's charges are unclear. It seems she has been arrested because the film was shot in Tehran without proper shooting permits, but her husband and Cyan Films, which made the movie, deny this idea. The producers of "Tehran" told ABC News they believe Vafamehr's arrest is related to her character breaking certain Mulslim traditions. Vafamerh appears in portions of the movie with a shaved head and without a hijab (head covering normally worn by Muslim women). The Guardian reported that Granaz Moosavi, the director and writer of "Tehran,"  said to an Australian newspaper a hijab was not necessary for those scenes because Vafamerh had no hair.

Kalameh.com said that Vafamehr's lawyer is appealing the ruling.

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