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More Cable Pilots, Including One for You, the Classically Trained Talking Dog

(This is late because I was on vacation)

Let’s face it: The economy is being totally lame right now. With lack of demand forcing corporations to sit on their cash reserves instead of using them to hire workers—workers who could in turn use their wages to purchase goods and services, thus increasing demand, and spurring more hiring—America is mired in a jobless “recovery” that has little chance of dropping those quotation marks any time soon. As always, Cheech & Chong are right: Things are tough all over.

Even given that the plight of the average American has not received the requisite attention by our political and media elites these past few years, there is one demographic whose economic woes and dim job prospects have been downright ignored: talking dogs. Well, Disney Channel has decided to do something about it, green-lighting a pilot called “Dog With a Blog.” It centers on a couple of divorcées who get married, but their respective children aren’t getting along all that great. However, when the kids discover that their family dog has a secret (Spoiler Alert: The secret is he can talk; also, he has a blog), they find common cause in hiding this sensitive information from their parents. Prospective Buck Bundys and Brian Griffins can send their headshots and résumés to Carol Goldwasser, who’s casting in preparation for a November shoot.

Don’t worry, humans, plenty of pilots are interested in you as well. ABC Family has your interests in mind, having recently green-lighted four pilots, with nary a social-media-savvy canine in sight! All are scheduled to shoot in November, so let me just get that out of the way right now. Dan Shaner and Michael Testa will be handling “Intercept”; Megan Branman and Dylann Brander are doing “Village People”; Alyson Silverberg is casting “Baby Daddy”; and Jeanie Bacharach and Gillian O’Neill are doing “Bunheads.” You can check the production charts for plot deets (in the case of “Baby Daddy,” you can also just read the plot synopsis of “Raising Hope”).

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