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New GoogleTV Network Set to Launch on Youtube

Google announced Friday that is has joined forces with Hollywood in order to create a network specifically for Youtube - GoogleTV.

According to the LA Times, Google has already invested over $100 million in the project in hopes that the 100-channel network, a more-updated version of their previous GoogleTV network. Where the old network received criticism for being slow and sloppy, Google hopes the newer version will attract more viewers and draw in more advertisers to help fund it.

Robert Kyncl, the global head of YouTube's content partnerships, said in a blog post that the expansion will "bring an even broader range of entertainment" to YouTube, and "for advertisers, these channels will represent a new way to engage and reach their global consumers."

GoogleTV will feature all original content, with programming such as "Little Black Dress," a "Project Runway," spin-off, as well as "Stan Lee's YouTube World of Heroes," which will tell the stories of each superhero in a first-person narrative.

Google's current goal is to make sure that combined together, 25-hours of new programming will be available to view each day on the network. Whether the latest version of GoogleTV will be anything more than a shaky reconstruction of it's last sad attempt at a TV network - or a groundbreaking hit - still hangs up in the air.

The network is also facing backlash from its competitors - many are afraid of losing their customers since Google is planning on sharing 55% of its current ad revenue with its content creators.

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