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New 'Sunrise, Sunset' Lyrics for Gay Weddings

The "Fiddler on the Roof" nuptial classic, "Sunrise, Sunset," was performed at a wedding this past Saturday. But, that's common, right? Nope – it was the first time the song was performed at a same-sex wedding. Entertainer Richard Skipper and landscape architect Daniel Sherma were the first gay couple to host the revised lyrics (for same-sex couples) of the song on their special day.

According to Playbill, the song lyricist, Sheldon Harnick, was contacted by Rev. Joshua Ellis, who has been performing same-sex marriages in New York State since July. Ellis said to Playbill that he felt as though something substantial was "missing" from the ceremonies, which ended up being the song 'Sunrise, Sunset'.

Ellis, who performed the Skipper-Sherma wedding, said that within days Harnick got back to him, and proceeded to write revised lyrics of the song for both male-male and female-female couples. The male-male version of the song was then performed on Saturday.

"As part of the ceremony, I explained the whole thing," said Ellis. "I told the crowd this was the world premiere. This was it. When it was over, the applause just went on and on and on. There were people who were applauding, people who were crying, people who were silent in awe."

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That sounds awesome! Would love to see lyrics for both.

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