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Reality Stars Endorse More than Screen Time

SfSometimes it pays to act stupid – especially for the camera. Los Angeles Times reported that reality television stars are raking in the dough for more than just their shameless performances on the air. They’re sometimes making up to six figures from advertising. Executives from companies, such as Kraft, Philips Norelco and Avon, are jumping at the chance to use these "stars" in their ads since they’ll work for less money than regular celebrities.

These companies reportedly believe that the average viewer will want to buy any product that their favorite "Jersey Shore" personality endorses because reality stars tend to strongly resonate with the public. Unlike "established celebrities," they use social media networks like Facebook and Twitter more, have relationship and family problems (in public, mind you)  like the average Joe does, and aren’t afraid to jump at any chance for shameless self-promotion.

Apparently the message is that working in reality shows may help you get your name out there faster than working in scripted productions because you're an attractive advertising commodity, but so is the next reality star that will probably take your spot.  Achieving longetivity in the entertainment business is a challenge  for the "established celebrity" and the new star. One way to attempt to stay in the public eye is by shifting to a new genre or medium. For example, Katharine McPhee who reached stardom thanks to "American Idol" will play the lead in NBC's upcoming scripted series "Smash." Who knows, though? After being on an MTV reality show, you may decide to start your own shoe line. It worked for Jessica Simpson.

Pictured: Katharine McPhee (Photo: Getty Images)

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