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Reality TV Casting Highlights - 10/18/11

Reality TV Casting - Back Stage

Back Stage runs hundreds of casting notices every year for reality television shows, games shows, reality competitions, talk shows, documentaries, commercials, and multimedia projects and events seeking real people, hosts, contestants, and performers. And now with the help of our partner RealityWanted.com, we're pleased to bring you even more reality casting opportunities than ever before.  See below for some of this week's top reality casting calls and auditions.

You can find all of these casting notices and more in the Reality TV category on BackStage.com, at Twitter.com/RealityTVCast, and in Back Stage's new Reality TV Casting iPhone app.

1. 20 West Productions: TWIN DOCU-SERIES
TWIN DOCU-SERIES 20 West Productions (My Strange Addiction) is casting new reality TV series. Project description: "Have you taken being a twin to all new level? Do you insist on dressing the same, wearing your hair the same and talk... More

2. The Bill Cunningham Show: FEUDING NEIGHBORS, TV TALK SHOW
FEUDING NEIGHBORS, TV TALK SHOW The Bill Cunningham Show, a TV talk show, is casting. Project description: "A new talk show is looking for feuding neighbors or, family members who can't seem to get along. If you're having a hard time gettin... More

MYSTERY THEMED SERIES A new reality TV series is casting. Project description: "Established TV production company seeks talent for new mystery-themed series." Casting across the U.S. Seeking—Law Enforcement, Scientists & Paranormal Ex... More

DIVORCED AND LIVING TOGETHER A new reality TV series is casting. Project description: "Major NYC TV production company looking for divorced or separated couples with children – who are still living together and getting along, for the most p... More

5. Jennifer Sullivan Casting: 'THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR'
'THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR' Jennifer Sullivan Casting in conjunction with The Food Network is casting the eighth season of The Next Food Network Star, the reality show where food enthusiasts compete for the opportunity to host their... More

PA, 'HGTV DESIGN STAR' HGTV is casting season 7 of HGTV Design Star, a reality TV competition series to discover the next HGTV star. Finalists will compete in design-based challenges with designers being eliminated each week. The con... More

7. Travel Channel: LA, 'VACATION CRASHERS'
LA, 'VACATION CRASHERS' Travel Channel is casting Vacation Crashers, a new reality TV series. The show wants to turn average vacations into extraordinary experiences. Project description: "You saved up all year for this vacation, but... More

8. Food Network: FOOD SCARES
FOOD SCARES Food Network is casting a new reality TV series on people who had scary food-related experiences. Project description: "Have you suffered a life-threatening food allergy, a particularly nasty case of food poisoning or some other... More

WA, 'SURVIVOR' CBS is casting the new season of Survivor, a network TV reality series. The show is an elimination-based competition where contestants are isolated in the wilderness and compete for cash and other prizes. The show uses... More

10. The Bill Cunningham Show: FEUDING NEIGHBORS
FEUDING NEIGHBORS The Bill Cunningham Show is casting a TV talk show. Project description: "A new talk show is looking for feuding neighbors or, family members who can't seem to get along. If you're having a hard time getting along with you... More

OH, MTV SEX ADVICE SHOW MTV is casting a new reality TV show. Project description: "Have a sex or relationship question for America's most popular sex columnist, Dan Savage? MTV is casting current OSU students, 18 and older, for a new serie... More

12. Casting Director-Jill Bandemer: UNTITLED MOM PROJECT
UNTITLED MOM PROJECT Jill Bandemer (casting dir.) is casting an untitled mom project for a major cable network. "Are you or someone you know a mom who takes care of the kids, the husband, and the household with little time for yourself? Are... More

13. Reality Style Video: 'TALES OF THE TONGUE'
'TALES OF THE TONGUE' Reality Style Video is casting Tales of the Tongue, a new reality-style web series. Anthony Joseph Fusco, casting. Shooting begins Oct. 2011 in NYC. Seeking—Unique Males With Extremely Long Tongues: 21... More

14. Sayven Entertainment: 'PARIS + NEW YORK'
'PARIS + NEW YORK' Sayven Entertainment is casting Paris + New York, a TV show that follows the life of a female French celebrity/socialite who is furthering her career in NYC while living the big city life. Darrell Law... More

15. Cornwell Casting: 'HALL PASS'
'HALL PASS' Cornwell Casting is casting Hall Pass, a new reality TV series. The project will follow men and women who want the opportunity to take a 24-hour break from their relationship, while in Las Vegas. Project description: "Cou... More

'MY COLLECTION OBSESSION' TLC is casting My Collection Obsession, a reality TV series The project will document people who are obsessed with a collection. Casting across the U.S. Seeking—Collectors: males & females, 18+. ... More

MOTHER & DAUGHTER PREGNANT RelativityREAL is casting a new reality TV show to air on OWN, focused on mothers & daughters who are simultaneously pregnant. The project will document mother / daughter pairs on their journey to the delivery roo... More

18. Pink Sneakers Productions: SHOPAHOLIC SERIES
SHOPAHOLIC SERIES Pink Sneakers Productions is casting an untitled new reality TV series, focused on shopaholics. Project description: "Are you the ultimate shopper? Do you obsess over the best bargains or buying the finest luxury items? Ar... More

'BURIED TREASURE' ITV Studios in conjunction with Fox is casting Buried Treasure, a new reality TV appraisal series featuring the Keno twins from Antique Roadshow. The project is seeking antiques that have a great history or s... More

20. Partners in Motion: 'SPECIAL ORDER,' HOST
'SPECIAL ORDER,' HOST Partners in Motion (Innovation Nation) is casting Special Order, a reality TV travel series involving antiques and collectables. The series will involve traveling around the world, in search of "hard to f... More

21. MysticArt Pictures: 'WIPEOUT,' SEASON 5
'WIPEOUT,' SEASON 5 MysticArt Pictures is casting season 5 of Wipeout, a reality TV competition series airing on ABC. Contestants compete in each episode to win $50,000 while conquering the world's largest obstacle course. Endemol US... More

MTV BAD BOYS SHOW MTV is casting a new reality TV show, on "bad boys" and the women that are attracted to them. Project description: "Do you ever wonder why you're so attracted to that 'bad boy' image? Are you sick of hearing your friends t... More

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