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Spacey's 'Richard III' at BAM; Actor Paul Kent Dies

Sfd• Kevin Spacey's "Richard III" will come across the pond to the Brooklyn Academy of Music this winter. From Jan. 10 through March 4, the Bridge Project's presentation of the Shakespearean play will be shown at the BAM Harvey Theater with Sam Mendes directing and Kevin Spacey starring as the Duke of Gloucester. The show was first staged during the summer in London at the Old Vic Theater. Read the story at The New York Times.

• Over the last decade, the villains in action movies have tended to be greedy businessmen and huge corporations rather than terrorists. The Wrap discusses why movies seem to lack the latter type of fiends anymore. One reason is that there are many stereotype-sensitive advocacy organizations, representing groups such as ethnic minorities and CIA veterans, that prevent Hollywood from portraying negative images of their members. Representatives from these groups often work with studio executives to evaluate scripts and attempt to dodge controversy.

• Character actor and stage veteran Paul Kent passed away. He was widely known for playing Lieutenant Commander Beach in "Stark Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." He was 80 years old. Read his obituary at Broadwayworld.com.

• Universal has decided not to carry out its plan to make available the upcoming film "Tower Heist" on video-on-demand for $59.99 in Portland and Atlanta three weeks after its theatrical debut. Theater chains chastised Universal's endeavor, some saying they not would show the movie if Universal went through with its plan. Check it out at Los Angeles Times

• The recent salary standoff between the voice actors on "The Simpsons" and the show's network has been resolved, leaving the performers with a reduction in payment per episode. New York Magazine argues that this dispute offered insight into how the large corporations in Hollywood may view content creators and actors in the coming years. It points out that when companies seek to cut costs on expensive shows, they will likely reduce salaries for actors because the program's original producers are probably tied to the series' life, making for difficult negotiations, and writers, though vital, are likely not paid much more on that show than on another.

Pictured: Sam Mendes and Kevin Spacey (Photo: Getty Images)

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"stereotype sensitivity organizations" translation: Political Correctness running wild. So I guess there will be more diversity when doing movies and t.v. shows about the Mafia. I can see the new catch phrase's: "The Mafia, not just for Italians anymore." "Terrorists are not all Arabs some are Irish, others are Lithuanian and even Swedes." "Feathers and warpaint are not just for Indians, now Hindoo's can play dress up too." Such nonsense, I got your sensitivity hangin'.

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