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ConnecTV Application to Connect in January

You may be able to stream content related to your favorite shows from anywhere…at the same time that they air! It’s true –what started out with 10 television stations and a Bay Area start-up may soon morph into a global phenomenon.

What this endeavor called? ConnecTV.

ConnecTV is a streaming program that actually works pretty easily. It automatically detects subscribers when they tune into any desired television program. The users "second screen," such as a laptop or an iPad, will stream related content. For example, if you tune into "Glee" on your TV, you can see information on the actors and actresses on your iPad.

ConnecTV, which has been in the works for over two years, is expected to be released this January. According to The LA Times, the application was developed by the same masterminds behind TiVo in order to fashion a new social media network. It will only be available in restricted beta mode this winter, though, so you’ll just have to wait to see how well it works. 

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Doesn't found like anything new, I have been using slingbox for years, and it does the same thing. I watch tv from any device, its how I stream my parents cable since I can't afford it. LOL.

That doesn't sound at all like what they're saying in the LA Times story.

My interpretation of what this actually does, is send information to your iPad, laptop, etc., that's *related* to the program you're watching on your main television. It does not stream live television to your laptop or iPad.

At least not according to the article I read. Unless you've read something between the lines that I missed.

Much appreciated, DJ!

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