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Gervais to Host Globes; 'Newsies' in Macy's Parade

Ricky• Ricky Gervais will officially host the Golden Globes in January. Some people found the British comic's material a bit insulting at last year's ceremony, but nevertheless he will return and promises to justify any offense taken. Check it out at Los Angeles Times

• "Newsies" will be coming to Broadway on a limited run in 2012, and you can catch the cast of musical in the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Nov. 24. Read the story at Playbill.

• Speaking of Thanksgiving, Los Angeles Times discusses three movies hoping to nab families during the holiday weekend. My money is on "The Muppets."

The New York Times  looks at the protagonist of the picture book "A Very Young Dancer." As she grew older, her time at the School of American Ballet was not as idyllic as the book.  My favorite quote: "when she was really angry at a particular teacher, she would rise out of a plié, her hand extended outward, her middle finger up." You can't teach class like that.

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, there is a Woody Woodpecker movie in development. Let's hope it doesn't go the route of "The Adeventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle."

Pictured: Ricky Gervais (Photo: Getty Images)

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