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Great Performances: Eastwood Edition

As far as people who write about entertainment go, I tend to agree with Kris Tapley more than I don't. (Of course, when we don't agree, it's epic--"Tree of Life" being the most recent example.) He's definitely hit the nail on the head with today's list of Top 10 Performances in Clint Eastwood Films over at HitFix. Tapley has avoided the obvious --Hilary Swank in "Million Dollar Baby," Morgan Freeman in "Invictus"--and served up a list of truly wonderful turns by all the actors Eastwood has employed over the years.

I'm so glad to see Kevin Costner getting some love for his underrated work in "A Perfect World," and particularly happy Bryce Dallas Howard was cited for her wonderful work in "Hereafter." Howard is one in a string of actors who I feel belong on their own list, of actors who deliver great performances in mediocre Eastwood movies--in fact, her co-star Matt Damon belongs on that list, as well for both "Hereafter" and "Invictus."

Perhaps at the top of that list is the performance that inspired Tapley's list: Leonardo DiCaprio in "J. Edgar." (It happens to be number nine on Tapley's list.) While the film is flawed, DiCaprio's work is not. And you can see for yourself in theaters, starting tomorrow.

--Jenelle Riley

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