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Indie Movies Focusing on VOD to Stay Afloat

MarginIndie movies may have found hope, but not salvation, by buying into the trend of video-on-demand (VOD). "For most independent movies, video-on-demand will be far and away the largest source of revenue in the future,” co-owner of Magnolia Pictures, Mark Cuban, told The Wrap.

Instead of waiting for theatrical release, or doubling-up both releases simultaneously, it is estimated that some Indie films will be raking in more profits than usual by focusing on VOD.  An example can be found in the drama, “Margin Call,” which is estimated to make $4 million from VOD in comparison to the $3.9 million it made in theaters. The same can be said for "Melancholia" which is estimated at grossing $2 million from VOD and $1.2 million in the box office, according to The Wrap.

Though Cuban makes a compelling argument for this claim, others have been wary of the results. The co-president of Sony Pictures Classics, Tom Bernard, told The Wrap that movies like “Margin Call” could have profited even more from television deals and an wider theatrical release than solely VOD.

He said, "If your movie can play through all the windows that start with the theatrical release, nine times out of 10 it will be much more successful than the VOD/theater box office."

Pictured: Cast members of "Margin Call" (Photo: Getty Images)

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