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Liam Neeson Gets Funny

Sadly, a little late to the party on this one but had to post this clip making the rounds.  It's from Ricky Gervais' new comedy "Life's Too Short," which is airing now on BBC Two and will be on HBO in America in 2012.  In the above clip, Liam Neeson demonstrates he doesn't get the first rule of improv, which is "Yes, and...", and disagrees with everything. (As he chides Gervais after one attempt at improv: "Don't presume, that's a backstory we didn't agree on beforehand.") This reminds me of one of my favorite "30 Rock" bits, when Liz and Jenna are asked to play Oprah and the guy from "Sling Blade" in a scene. Liz opens up by saying, in a perfect Billy Bob Thornton voice: "Mm-hm, I sure do love these french fried taters." To which Jenna responds: "No you don't, Oprah!"

"Life's Too Short" features "Willow" star Warwick Davis playing a fictionalized version of himself,with Gervais and frequent collaborator Stephen Merchant making cameos. I'm renewing my HBO subscription just for this.

--Jenelle Riley

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