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Murphy Out as Oscar Host; Twitter Reacts

I'm actually disappointed by this news...following the departure of Brett Ratner, Eddie Murphy has stepped down as the host of the Academy Awards. In a press release from the AMPAS, Murphy stated:  "First and foremost I want to say that I completely understand and support each party's decision with regard to a change of producers for this year's Academy Awards ceremony. I was truly looking forward to being a part of the show that our production team and writers were just starting to develop, but I'm sure that the new production team and host will do an equally great job."

If this was a show of solidarity, it seems like a bad move. Even Ratner himself admitted his recent comments were out of line, and Murphy shouldn't support him. But if Murphy just isn't interested in working with another team, I guess I can't fault him. It's a close relationship, and Murphy is very particular about his partners. Still, I'm disappointed personally.

However, this did result in some great tweets about the resignation. Among my favorites:

@UHR: Bummed Eddie Murphy isn't hosting. Compositing Eddie into Oscar contenders might have been our last chance to see him in a good movie.

@marklisanti: The Academy would like us to welcome its new, improved, drama-free Oscar team, producer Roman Polanski and host Mel Gibson!

@douggpound: BREAKING: Dan Aykroyd to replace Eddie Murphy for Oscar host as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.

@Nicolucci1889: Eddie Murphy won't host #Oscars. Somewhere Billy Crystal waits by a phone and tries to think of a rhyme for "J. Edgar."

@HitFixDaniel: This is the most disappointed I've been in Eddie Murphy since I last paid to see an Eddie Murphy movie.

--Jenelle Riley


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