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Silverman 'Stands-Up' For Taboos; Donate to Save

131302101•Members of the House ended the hearing to enforce the Stop Online Piracy Act. The act will allow the government to block overseas websites that traffic in copyright-infringing content. Read both sides of the case at Deadline.

•Rape. The mere mention chills your bones…but according to some comedians, like Sarah Silverman it should be able to make you laugh, too. Should referencing such an act really be used to break comedic taboos, though? Read the story at The New York Times.

•Location shoots and TV production rates have been steadily decreasing in Los Angeles, reported Los Angeles Times. They dropped 37 percent  last week and are continuing to  decline.

•The Intiman Theater in Seattle, Washington is accepting donations to schedule four productions for the summer, which will require about $1 million. Why?  To stop their venue from being shut down! So far the theater has received $100,000 from board pledges and $100,000 from an anonymous donor, but it needs your help. The New York Times has more.

 Pictured: Sarah Silverman (Photo: Getty Images)

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