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Digital Projectors to Dominate Theaters By 2015

Digital projectors are predicted to completely take over the global theater industry by late 2015, reported the Los Angeles Times. According to Texas Instruments Inc., which produces the computer chips used in digital projectors,  the number of DLP digital projectors set up around the world has increased 84 percent over the last year. Today, 62 percent of American movie screens have been converted digitally while film studios continue to decease the use of expensive film prints.

Around the world, much of the growth of digital usage has been in Europe and China. 3-D moneymakers, like "Avatar," also fuel the fire since they need digital projectors to be seen in movie theaters. It seems that learning any aspect of digital filmmaking is a good investment for the future. But who knows? Vinyl records are making a comeback of sorts, so maybe you don't want throw out those old-fashioned film projectors just yet.

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