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Mara's Audition Challenges; Webber's Reality Show?

Rooney• Before Rooney Mara auditioned for the role of Lisbeth Salander in the "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," she was provided with a list of challenging requirements she would have to agree to do if she was hired. According to the Irish Echo, Mara was told she would have to become a smoker, be naked, do rape scenes, isolate herself for a year, and ride a motorcycle. Mara is up for a Golden Globe, so it appears to have been worth all that.

• Andrew Lloyd Webber may be making a new reality show that will find an actor to play Jesus in a stadium tour of "Jesus Christ Superstar," reported Whatsonstage.com.

• "Bambi," Charlie Chaplin's "The Kid," and Robert Rodriguez's "El Mariachi" are among the 25 films that have been chosen to be preserved the National Registry. Check out out Los Angeles Times for the full list.

• Cheetah, a chimpanzee who was one of the most famous animal stars of the 1930s and was featured alongside Tarzan in that era's franchise films, died. He was estimated to be 80 years old. Read the story at The New York Times.

Pictured: Rooney Mara (Photo: Getty Images)

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Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid is an excellent addition to the National Film Registry. His cinematic talent really shined through in his first full-length feature that he produced, directed, composed the score and acted as lead role. I found that the film is available to watch on DISHonline.com and is free to watch without a subscription. It’s good to see films like this recognized and being that only films that show “enduring significance to American culture” are inducted by the Librarian of Congress, I’m glad that this and El Mariachi were chosen. Since I work for DISH, I watch many movies, and Robert Rodriguez sparked a completely new style of film in the U.S. that should also be formally noted.

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