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Police Overpower Actor Faking a Robbery

A recent 911 call about an armed robbery in San Francisco had police officers rushing to the scene of… a TV show?


The San Francisco Chronicle reported that while a crew for the Japanese television show "World's Most Interesting Footage" filmed a simulated robbery, an unknown bystander misunderstood the scenario and called 911.

The police arrived at the scene and ordered the "thief" touting a plastic gun to drop his weapon. When the actor didn't take the order seriously, the officers overpowered and disarmed him.

Yasmine Yoshida, the filming coordinator with the film company, Duo Creative Communications, said that she has been doing shoots at the location, Alpha Market, each month for the past year. According to Yoshida, they had all the proper permits and since the market is considered private property, the crew was not legally obligated to inform the police of the fake robbery and "did everything right."

"We were shooting about a stupid crime - a little segment people can laugh about," Yoshida told the Chronicle.  "It's supposed to be funny, but all of a sudden it wasn't funny at all."

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All of a sudden, it isn't funny at all!

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