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Thus Quoteth Back Stage to 'Saturday Night Live'

This weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live featured the return of former cast member Jimmy Fallon, who more than rose to the challenge of his first-time hosting duties in what was easily one of the highlights of an already consistently funny season. But one Fallon-free skit in particular caught Back Stage's attention.

Behold Tommy Palemese's highly inventive, utterly original one-man show, "Half Jewish, Half Italian, Completely Neurotic." The reviews are in, and they're... factual? Watch the sketch below:

While no "Dale Herschel" has ever written reviews for Back Stage, we couldn't help but be flattered by the multiple out-of-context (and hilariously ellipses filled) quotes attributed to our publication. Six of them, to be precise. Cheers to SNL for recognizing the unique position Back Stage enjoys in fostering fledgling works which otherwise might fall by the—oh whatever, enjoy the video!


Click here for the latest (legit) Back Stage reviews, from major Hollywood releases to off-off-Broadway finds.


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