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Casting News Returns, Having Broken All Its Resolutions Already

Hope everyone had a good holiday and a happy new year. Hope all your football teams won and your roast meats were moist and flavorful. Hope you found an excuse to leave the table before your crazy uncle started talking about politics. Hope 2012 has greeted you with a hearty handclasp and a promise of work.

Hollywood basically shuts down during the month of December, but December is over, January is half over (really? already? crud), and pilot season is upon us. The broadcast networks have started to dole out pickup orders, and the studio casting departments are hard at work finding casting directors for next year’s “Work It” and “Playboy Club”!

Just a note before I continue: Pilot season will get pretty hectic, and I will try to post more frequently, and less long-windedly. You might see posts announcing a single project, or austere lists in the place of paragraphs filled with mediocre jokes.

Okay, two new projects for Brett Greenstein and Collin Daniel: They’ll be casting the Fox pilot “Ben Fox [no relation—Ed.] Is My Manny,” about a career woman whose shiftless, layabout brother moves in with her to help take care of her child (you know “Raising Hope” is a big deal when even its own network is knocking it off), and TV Land’s newly picked-up “Hot in Cleveland” spinoff series starring Cedric the Entertainer and personal favorite Niecy Nash, now titled “Have Faith.” “Ben Fox” is shooting in March. No word when “Have Faith” will get under way.

This was confirmed last week, but in case you missed it, Alyssa Weisberg will be casting the “Carrie Diaries” pilot for the CW, which, considering it’s a prequel to “Sex and the City,” I’m going to go out on a huge, thick limb and say this one will get picked up to series. The shoot is scheduled for spring sometime. Nothing more definite yet.

Two more, real quick: (1) Cami Patton’s office will be doing the casting for FX’s drama pilot “The Americans,” which sounds like it could be very awesome. It’s about two Soviet spies who pose as a married couple in 1980s D.C. It’s supposed to shoot in March; location TBA. Hopefully this will be a period drama worth watching. (2) Gary Zuckerbrod will be staffing up TNT’s new medical drama “Chelsea General,” based on the book “Monday Mornings” by CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. It will also shoot in March, most likely in Los Angeles.

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