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Whew! That Was Quick. More Pilot News

Here are five more pilot/CD attachments. You heard it here first (probably):

ABC’s untitled Roland Emmerich pilot will be cast by John Papsidera at Automatic Sweat. Can’t really make sense of the log line: An astrophysics student finds out his father is implicated in an assassination attempt on the president. Somehow the ensuing chain of events leads to the student’s revelation that he should stop caring about space and fight evil. Yeah. No info on when this is to shoot, or why, if he quits being an astrophysicist, it matters that he was an astrophysicist in the first place.

ABC’s “Last Resort” pilot will be cast by Rebecca Mangieri and Wendy Weidman at Creative Casting. It’s scheduled to shoot in late February. This one is about the crew of a nuclear submarine who defy an order to deploy their payload and declare themselves a sovereign nation.

The CW’s “Cult” pilot will be cast by Elizabeth Barnes and Corbin Bronson and should get under way in March. I’m going to attempt to guess the plot of this show based on the network and the title: A high school girl moves to a new town with her family, but she finds adjusting to her surroundings is not easy owing to a clique of fashionable, acerbic, vampire-worshiping werewolf cheerleaders that rules the school. Okay, go look it up. How close was I?

Fox’s untitled Kevin Williamson serial killer project will be cast by Lesli Gelles-Raymond and Greg Orson of GO Casting; it’s also scheduled for a March start. Specifically, it’s about a social media–savvy serial killer. Be sure to like him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter at @Dextersux.

Fox’s “Guilty” pilot will be cast by Gayle Pillsbury of Zane/Pillsbury. No shoot date yet. It centers on a defense attorney who is framed for fraud and disbarred, after which he uses his lawyering skills to take on cases outside the legal system and also exact revenge on the butthorns who framed him.

Keep checking back for more pilot info. As always, consult the production charts for comprehensive pilot, film, and series casting info.

Update re “Cult”: I was way off. Apologies to The CW, because this sounds cool and original and not at all related to rich high school kids: Two investigators work to uncover the connection between an underground TV show called “CULT” and the mysterious deaths of some of its viewers.

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