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Daniel Radcliffe Cover Story

This week's issue features Daniel Radcliffe on the cover, talking about his first post-"Harry Potter" movie, "The Woman in Black, " which opens today. You can read the full interview here. Radcliffe was a delight to talk to, very self-aware and self-deprecating. I made sure to compliment him on his recent gig hosting "Saturday Night Live," particularly my favorite sketch--"You Can Do Anything!" His favorite bit, for the record, was playing Casey Anthony's dog on "Weekend Update."

Anyway, about "The Woman in Black." It's a spooky little film, and Radcliffe proves he can handle carrying a film without wielding a wand. He's definitely the real deal, and has a bright future. I'd never read the book upon which the film is based, or seen the play, which has been running in London longer than Radcliffe has been alive! As it turns out, neither has Radcliffe.  "I didn’t go on that particular school trip," he joked, noting, " Everybody in this country that I know who  has seen it were with their school when they saw it." He added that he couldn't see the play when he knew he was doing the role because "I know copy is a default setting for me, so I like to stay away from other people’s interpretation of things I know I’m going to be doing." However, now that the film is done, he says, "I will probably go and see it now, because I can."

I'll be curious to see how his film does this weekend, because Radcliffe deserves to have a career beyond The Boy Who Lived. If for no other reason that we don't end up seeing a sequel like this.

--Jenelle Riley


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