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Jean Dujardin's Upcoming Roles...

This is fantastic...and shows what a good sense of humor Jean Dujardin has about himself and his future in Hollywood. Since "The Artist" hit the festival circuit, people (myself included) have been asking Dujardin if he was going to go Hollywood. His answer has always been along the lines of "If the right role comes along..." (His specific quote to me from the Toronto Film Festival: ""Doing an American film is not an aim itself. But if there are some good proposals that come my way, I would be open to it. It all depends on the material.")

At a Q&A with Dujardin last week, I mentioned many people thought he would make a great Bond villian. To which I added, "Forget the bad guy--you should be James Bond!" Dujardin laughed, arched an eyebrow, and said: "The French James Bond. Jean Bond."

--Jenelle Riley

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