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Oscar Nominees Class of 2012: Max Von Sydow Best in Show

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Everyone was in attendance for yesterday's Oscar nominees luncheon, which Kenneth Branagh described as "a bit like graduation"--everyone's name is called and they walk up to accept their certificate. It's interesting to see who garners the biggest response every year. Last year, the loudest round of applause went to Annette Bening, who ultimately lost the Oscar to Natalie Portman. This year, it was Max Von Sydow who got the most cheers--though it should be noted his competition, Christopher Plummer, was not in attendance.

I actually had the pleasure of hosting a Q&A with Von Sydow last night at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, following a screening of "The Seventh Seal" and preceding a screening of "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." And I have to say, it was like being near The Beatles. The packed house was beyond enthusiastic, and autograph seekers were packed by the back door, waiting for him to emerge. It was one of the most aggressive groups I'd ever seen. In the Q&A, Von Sydow was witty and charming, revealing the roles he had the most difficulty with (both were men of God--Father Merrin in "The Exorcist" and Jesus Himself in "The Greatest Story Ever Told"). Of course, the audience had it's share of "Flash Gordon" fans; one gentleman stood up and proclaimed: "I've been waiting 30 years to say this to you: 'Hail Ming!' " And Von Sydow even quoted lines from "Hannah and Her Sisters." Which prompted me to then say: "Now do 'The Exorcist!' Come on, just one 'the power of Christ compels you!' " Fortunately, he laughed.

Full class picture after the jump!

--Jenelle Riley


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