Eyes on the Prize

Eyesonprize_shutterstock The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust has created two new awards for American playwrights. The Steinberg Distinguished Playwright Award will recognize a midcareer playwright with a $200,000 cash prize, and the Steinberg Emerging Playwrights Award will honor two early-career writers with a prize of $50,000 each. Recipients will be selected by an advisory committee including André Bishop, artistic director of Lincoln Center Theater; Oskar Eustis, artistic director of the Public Theater; and Eduardo Machado, playwright and artistic director of INTAR Theatre. The recipient of the first Distinguished Playwright Award will be announced this September.

Improved Talent-Search Tools for Directors, Producers, and Casting Directors

Findtoptalent_2 Back Stage makes it easy to find top talent.

Using the BackStage.com Find Talent/Casting Center Employer system, employers, casting directors, producers, directors, choreographers, agents, and talent scouts can quickly reach thousands of the most talented actors, models, performers, and entertainment-industry professionals in the world.

With Back Stage’s new “Post a Notice” categories, projects can search for a much wider range of talent – beyond just casting. The posting categories still include over a dozen casting sections for film, theatre, music videos, commercials, industrials, dance auditions, and more. But now you can also call for submissions to film festivals, writing competitions, reality TV shows, acting/casting-director workshops and improv groups, modeling jobs, tradeshows, theme parks, cruise lines, and other entertainment-industry opportunities. Or call for talent to perform at open-mikes, comedy clubs, cabarets, and talent competitions -- find comedians, singers, dancers, musicians, jugglers, and variety performers. Plus, you can tag your notice with multiple categories and call for cast and crew simultaneously.

When talent-seekers submit casting/job notices to Back Stage via the BackStage.com “Post a Notice” system; the notices turn up in the search results of hundreds of thousands of entertainment-industry professionals; they’re sent out in special Casting/Job Alert emails blasts; and, optionally, they even appear in the weekly Back Stage magazine (East and West) print editions.

NEW FEATURE: While posting a casting notice on BackStage.com, you can now use the “Script Sides” text field to include HTML-formatted script excerpts, story treatments, company info, and even video, audio, and graphics. Simply paste your HTML code directly into the “Script Sides” box. For instance, if you have a director’s reel or short films on media-sharing sites like YouTube or OurStage or MySpace, then you can copy your video’s “Embed Video” code from those sites and then paste it into the “Script Sides” box on the BackStage.com “Post a Notice” form before submitting the notice to Back Stage. Your video will then be automatically embedded within your casting/job notice. This method of enhancing your online casting notice is entirely free.

Casting Directors and producers can also activate an “online submissions” option within their casting notice (also for free), so that Back Stage’s talented readers can quickly submit their Multimedia Resumes and cover letters directly to the project. The Multimedia Resumes are then automatically sent to the project in two ways, simultaneously: Via the BackStage.com Resume-Submission Inbox System and directly to the project’s regular email in an HTML-enhanced format.

And users of Back Stage’s Find Talent/Casting Center Employer system can also search through the Back Stage Talent Database online 24/7. The BackStage.com Talent Database is now filled with thousands of Multimedia Resumes – resumes enhanced with headshots, comp cards, photos, reels, documents, and links – created by Back Stage subscribers, including actors, dancers, singers, comedians, models, variety performers, writers, and staff/tech/crew.

If you need help with any BackStage.com tools, check out the Casting FAQ or contact us at BackStage.com/castinghelp.

And check out our new social-networking profiles and Google casting-news gadgets.

More great upgrades are coming soon to BackStage.com, which will make it even easier to post casting/job/festival notices and find talent. Keep an eye out!

-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, Back Stage


Back Stage Launches Online Networking Opportunities


To help its readers connect to  entertainment-industry professionals around the world -- including actors, dancers, singers, comedians, casting directors, producers, directors, writers, agents, and managers -- Back Stage has created profiles on a number of social-networking and Web 2.0 sites.

Check out the following links and add Back Stage as a friend/connection/contact on each of these websites that you belong to. Then leave us a comment; participate on our various message boards, blogs, and forums; and keep an eye out for casting/job news, events, contests, classes, and new networking opportunities.

If you'd like Back Stage to create a profile on any additional websites, please leave us a comment below.

-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, Back Stage



Check out some of the top Actor Reels and Comedian/Improv Performer clips posted by Back Stage readers on OurStage.com:





Visit Back Stage on OurStage.com

Back Stage Upgrades Its Multimedia Résumé System

Resumemanagerexample Back Stage has launched a variety of new online-résumé  improvements.

Highlights include:

New and Improved  Multimedia Résumé System – More robust tools and easier access to your online résumés, photos, reels, cover letters, and personal résumé-link pages.

New Résumé Look – Every résumé on Back Stage now has a much cooler and more professional-looking design, with a stronger emphasis on your photos, video/audio reels, and credits. You can now create more dynamic and impressive multimedia-enhanced résumés. And this upgrade is backward compatible: If you already have a résumé on BackStage.com, then your old résumé will be instantly updated to the new-and-improved multimedia-résumé template the next time you edit your résumé.

More Media Support – Back Stage’s résumé system now accepts a wider range of audio, video, and photo files, including popular QuickTime formats and both hinted/streaming and unhinted/downloadable media files. You can now add much more media to your résumés, including bigger files and bigger photos, for no extra charge.

Improved Headshot/Photo Support – You can now add over 20 photos to every résumé, and every photo will automatically appear as a clickable “thumbnail” photo, leading to a bigger version of the photo. And we’ve expanded the size-limit so that you can upload even bigger photos than before. All for no extra charge, and none of the hidden fees you might run into on other sites.

Embedded Media – Add your audio, video, and other media from third-party sites (such as YouTube, OurStage, and MySpaceTV) directly into your Back Stage résumé, and wow casting directors and producers with your stunning online presentation.

Backstagebulletin_resume_gillesdecr Add documents to your résumé – You can now upload and attach document files (.doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt) to your Back Stage résumé, including your professional résumé, press clippings, a bio, comp cards, references, etc.

Add links to your résumé – You can link your Back Stage résumé to your pages on other websites, such as IMDb, iActor, MySpace, Facebook, etc.

Improved Credits/Experiences and Training/Education Interface – It’s now much easier to add to, organize, format, re-order, and personalize your list of credits.

Improved Résumé Builder/Editor – New options and expanded instructions help you to create the greatest and most personalized professional multimedia résumés possible. Paste in pre-formatted text, tag your résumé with appropriate search tags, add your résumé to the BackStage.com talent database, and more. The most complete and recently updated résumés on BackStage.com automatically float to the top of our Talent Database search results.

Personalized Résumé Links – Every BackStage.com subscriber can discover their new, personalized “Résumé Link” by visiting their Résumés page and clicking on the “Promote Your Résumé – Find Your Link” option. You can then share this link with casting directors, production companies, and friends, so that they can view your résumés without having to log in. The new and improved Résumé Link pages showcase your name and photo, along with links back to your full multimedia résumés.

More Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, Talent Bookers, Agents, and Employers are searching for talent – Over the past two years, over 20,000 entertainment-industry professionals have created Casting Center/Employer/Find Talent accounts with Back Stage, from which they can search the BackStage.com Talent Database, post casting/job notices, and accept online submissions. To reach these 20,000+ professionals, make sure you have a terrific multimedia résumé on BackStage.com. Upload at least one photo, check your spelling, update your list of credits frequently, submit to notices, and then watch the job offers pour in.

More Upgrades and Improvements Are Coming Soon – Keep an eye out for even more enhancements to BackStage.com over the coming months!

Helpful Links:


The following are some great examples of resumes utilizing the new BackStage.com Multimedia Résumé System. Click on the links below, and then click on the View/Eye button next to each résumé listing to see the full  résumé:

Current & Past Subscribers:

Buildyourmultimediaresumetoday Current Subscribers: Click on the "Build Your Multimedia Resume Today" button on the BackStage.com homepage to manage your résumés; or choose from among any of the résumé, photo, and reel options on the BackStage.com menu-toolbar or in the "Actor's Toolbox".

Past Subscribers: If you created a resume on BackStage.com within the last two years, then we probably still have your résumé, photos, and reels on file. Simply click on the "Log In" button on BackStage.com, then click on the "Log in to Back Stage" option and log in using your old Username and Password. Then click on the "Manage Account" button. On the "Manage Account" screen, choose one of the subscription-renewal options. Once you've renewed your subscription, you'll be able to access and update your old résumés (if they were created on BackStage.com within the past 24 months).


-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, Back Stage

New Casting, Job, Festival, and Workshop Categories on Back Stage help talent discover new opportunities

Castingyoucantrust_clapboardseal_2 The Back Stage Casting Department is pleased to announce the addition of a variety of new casting, job, and festival categories, designed to help our readers discover even more career-advancing opportunities. At the same time, we've retired some of our old categories. But rest assured, we'll continue to deliver all of quality notices that you've come to expect from Back Stage, plus many more—you just might find some notices in different categories than before.

The following is a brief overview of some of the key category changes to the Casting/Jobs section of Back Stage (in print and online):

The Reality TV casting category has been expanded to include casting calls for documentaries and some game shows; the Voiceover category now includes calls for radio talent; the Combined Auditions category has been retire, and all of the theatre notices that used to run there will instead be redistributed to the other theatre categories; the Club Talent category has been replaced with two new categories, Cabaret & Variety and Comedy & Improv; the Tradeshow category has been expanded to include special events that are seeking performers; and the Competitions category now includes a wider range of live, online, and recorded entertainment-industry contests.

Additionally, the Membership Companies category has been replaced with the informative new Groups & Workshops category, which includes various opportunities to participate in theatre, film, and TV learning experiences, repertory companies, community theatre groups, casting-director workshops, etc.; the old General category has been supplanted by the new Entertainment Jobs category, which includes a grab-bag of gigs for actors, performers, models, staff/crew, and more, as well as a mix of other actor-friendly job opportunities. Film, TV, video, and multimedia jobs calling for staff, tech, and crew are now located in our Film/TV Crew category. And, finally, we're launching a brand-new Film Festivals category, geared toward helping you find the best festivals to submit your films to (films you've acted in or made yourself), making sure that your talent reaches the widest audience possible.

We welcome your feedback, and hope you enjoy these latest updates from the Back Stage Casting Department.


Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor

Cassie Carpenter, West-Coast Casting Editor

& the Back Stage Casting Team


New Category Highlights:

  • Reality TV & Documentaries: now includes documentaries and some game shows.
  • Voiceover & Radio: now includes calls for radio talent.
  • Cabaret & Variety and Comedy & Improv: replaces the old Club Talent category.
  • Competitions: includes a wider range of live, online, and recorded entertainment-industry contests.
  • Groups & Workshops: includes various opportunities to participate in theatre, film, and TV learning experiences, repertory companies, community theatre groups, casting-director and agent workshops, etc.
  • Entertainment Jobs: includes a grab-bag of gigs for actors, performers, models, staff/crew, and more, as well as a mix of other actor-friendly job opportunities.
  • Film Festivals: new category geared toward helping filmmakers find the best festivals

-> Download the full list of Casting, Audition, Job, Competition, Workshop, Membership-Company, Open Mike, and Festival Categories

-> Post a notice to promote your auditions, casting-submission calls, festival-submission calls and entertainment-industry competitions, groups, and workshops.

-> For more info, visit the Categories post on the Back Stage Casting FAQ.

-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor

New Google Gadgets Bring You Back Stage Casting & Acting News

Check out these new Google Gadgets to easily access the latest Back Stage casting-related articles,  acting news, advice columns, and entertainment-industry interviews -- you can even  add them to your iGoogle homepage or other websites.

-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor

For feedback, contact the Back Stage Casting Department using the Casting Help form.

Trained in the UK?

Brittraining Are you an American actor who studied acting in Britain?

If you are willing to serve as a source for our upcoming Spotlight on British Training, please contact Back Stage West Executive Editor Dany Margolies at [email protected].

Please write "British Training" in your subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Actors: Share Your Experiences

Takefivemasks Are you an actor working to get your career going? Or maybe you've been in the industry for a while already? Either way, if you're interested in sharing your experiences, we want to hear from you!

For Back Stage's regular feature Take Five, we're seeking actors to follow during 2008, charting the ups and downs and ins and outs of a career in acting. Selected actors commit to writing updates and sharing their experiences throughout the year.

If you are interested in participating, send an email of no more than 250 words about yourself and your work, and please include a headshot.

Actors in Los Angeles, please contact Back Stage Editor-in-Chief Jamie Painter Young at [email protected]; actors in New York, contact BSE executive editor David Sheward at [email protected]. No phone calls will be accepted. Please respond by Jan. 1.

Chosen participants will receive annual complimentary subscriptions to Back Stage and BackStage.com.

Free L.A. Screening: 'AFTRA: Commitment to Action'

Aftra_logo Back Stage, AFTRA, and the Fine Arts Theatre invite you to a fundraiser screening of AFTRA: Commitment to Action, a documentary featuring Bob Barker, retired host of The Price is Right, and other TV and radio personalities, that takes an inside peek at how AFTRA members rely on the union for representation and respect.

A panel discussion and presentation honoring Bob Barker will follow the screening. Tom Bergeron (Dancing with the Stars, Hollywood Squares) will present.

The event will be held Thursday, Nov. 29, 7:30 p.m., at the Fine Arts Theatre, 8556 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills.

Tickets for this fundraiser event are available online at www.studioscreenings.com. Prices are $10 regular admission, $5 for students and seniors.

All attendees will receive free concessions. $2 validated parking available at 8484 Wilshire (S.E. corner of Wilshire and La Cienega).

For more info on AFTRA, visit www.aftra.com.

Free L.A. Screening: 'Spiritual Warriors'

Spiritualwarriors Back Stage and the Fine Arts Theatre invite you to a free screening of Spiritual Warriors, the story of Finn, an aimless actor, and Roger, a mystical older man who claims to know Finn from a past life. After much resistance and skepticism, Finn agrees to let Roger teach him how to conquer the world's evil powers. The film stars Jsu Garcia (Along Came Polly, Traffic) as Finn and Robert Easton (Gods and Generals). 

The event will be held each night Monday, Nov. 19 through Sunday, Nov. 25 at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. at the Fine Arts Theatre, 8556 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills.

A Q&A with participating cast and filmmakers will follow each screening. All attendees will receive a free copy of the book Spiritual Warrior.

For more info on the film, visit www.spiritualwarriors.com.

Admission is free. RSVP to [email protected]. Note the number of guests in your party and your Back Stage affiliation. $2 validated parking available at 8484 Wilshire (S.E. corner of Wilshire and La Cienega).   

An Evening With 'There Will Be Blood" Director and Cast

There_will_be_blood_2 Paramount Vantage, Back Stage West, and The Hollywood Reporter invite you to join There Will Be Blood writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson and Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis for a screening Thursday, Nov. 15, in Los Angeles.

Loosely adapted from Upton Sinclair's 1927 novel Oil!, There Will Be Blood follows turn-of-the-century Texas miner Daniel Plainview (Day-Lewis), whose search for silver leads to an oil fortune. Written and directed by Anderson (Magnolia), the film also stars Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine), Kevin J. O'Connor (Seraphim Falls), and Ciarán Hinds (Munich).

Recipient of an Academy Award, two BAFTA awards, and four Golden Globe nominations, Day-Lewis has starred in films such as My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown, The Gangs of New York, TheBlood2 Last of the Mohicans, and In the Name of the Father.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Anderson and Day-Lewis.

The event will be held Thursday, Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theater, 5220 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, Calif.

Admission is free. To RSVP, call (323) 956-1006. Seating is limited. Please arrive early.

For more info on the film, visit www.paramountvantage.com/films2007/blood.

Free LA Screening: Home, Home on the Rez


Back Stage and the Fine Arts Theatre invite you to a free screening of Red Nation Television Channel's drama series Home, Home on the Rez, the first American Indian-produced dramatic show in the country. Starring Joanelle Romero (Powwow Highway) as an American Indian attorney who travels to tribal locations assisting with social and criminal issues, the series also includes Larry Sellers, Elaine Miles, Elizabeth Sage, and Conroy Chino.

The screening will be held Friday, Nov. 16, 7:30 p.m., at the Fine Arts Theatre, 8556 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills.

For more info, visit www.rednation.com/media/channel.

Admission is free. RSVP to [email protected]. Note the number of guests in your party and your Back Stage affiliation. $2 validated parking available at 8484 Wilshire (S.E. corner of Wilshire and La Cienega).

Free LA Screening: What Would Jesus Buy?

What_would_jesus_buy2_2 Back Stage and the Fine Arts Theatre invite you to a free screening of What Would Jesus Buy?, a feature documentary about America's consumer culture. The docu-comedy, from producer Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) follows Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir as they attempt to save souls from crass commercialism during the Christmas season. Whether exorcising demons at the Wal-Mart headquarters or scouring the Mall of America, Reverend Billy and his crew aim to put an end to overspending.

A Q&A with producer Spurlock and star Reverend Billy will be held following the screening. The event will take place Sunday, Nov. 11, 2:30 p.m., at the Fine Arts Theatre, 8556 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills.

For more info, visit www.wwjbmovie.com.

Admission is free. RSVP to [email protected]. Note the number of guests in your party and your Back Stage affiliation. $2 validated parking available at 8484 Wilshire (S.E. corner of Wilshire and La Cienega).

More Roles for Minority Actors?

Diversity_actors_2 Have roles on TV become more diverse? Are non-Caucasian actors getting more work?

SAG recently released a report that found there were more roles for non-Caucasian actors on TV in 2005-06. However, roles for women and seniors did not increase.

Do you agree? What has been your experience? Share your thoughts!

If you'd like to comment, please email Lauren Horwitch, News Editor of Back Stage by Monday, Nov. 12 at [email protected].

Read more about the report here:  Newest Casting Data Shows Highest Ethnic Minority Representation On Record.

Actors: What Are You Doing During Strike?

Strike_actors_2 If you are an actor whose work has been disrupted by the strike, Back Stage would like to hear from you.

What are you doing to stay busy, acting-wise? What are you doing to earn money? Tell us your story!

Please contact Andrew Salomon, news editor of Back Stage East, at [email protected].

Back Stage Featured in New OurStage.com Video

OurStage EJ Alyssa visited the Back Stage offices in NYC recently with her video crew. They made a very nice piece about Back Stage. Watch it below!

Also, OurStage EJ Julie stopped by Actorfest NY to say hello, check out the Actorfest workshops, and hand out some free OurStage swag on Saturday, Oct. 13 at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The free OurStage T-shirts went like hot cakes! Also on hand was actor-comedian (and Robert De Niro lookalike-stunt double) Joseph Manuella, among thousands of other actors, teachers, agents, casting directors, managers, photographers, filmmakers, and exhibitors. It was an exciting, hectic event, and we're looking forward to hosting more Actorfest tradeshows in the future.

Make sure your reel is featured on Back Stage's free Actor Reels online showcase on OurStage.com, and keep an eye out for the upcoming Back Stage Comedy Acts/Stand-Up Comedy Channel on OurStage.com as well. Upload your reels and performances to become eligible for lots of  cool prizes  every month!

-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor

"Teen Dance Project"

Ever wonder what happens after a casting notice is published?

We did! So we checked out a super cool casting call at the Hollywood Pop Academy for a Sept. 13th casting notice titled "Teen Dance Project," seeking talented kids for a new nationally broadcast TV variety show. We talked to Jordan Bass of Bass Casting to give us the scoop on the type of dancers he was looking for in this project.

Are you a performer just looking for an opportunity? Back Stage has casting calls from all over the world!   Check out our upcoming casting calls at www.backstage.com.

At Back Stage, we keep actors acting!

-- Nicole Porter

Free LA Screening: 'Naked Fear'

 Mantegna Back Stage and the Fine Arts Theatre invite you to a screening of Naked Fear, a psychological thriller starring Emmy-nominated Joe Mantegna (Joan of Arcadia) as a veteran deputy sheriff in New Mexico. The 2007 film was directed by Thom Eberhardt (I Was a Teenage Faust).

A Q&A with the filmmakers will follow the screening.

The event will take place Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 7:30 p.m at the Fine Arts Theatre, 8556 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills.

Admission is free. RSVP to [email protected]. Note the number of guests in your party and your Back Stage affiliation. $2 validated parking available at 8484 Wilshire (S.E. corner of Wilshire and La Cienega).

Launch Your Career with OurStage.com!

Ourstage_2 Show off your talents on OurStage.com and win mentoring sessions, a free yearly subscription, and a chance to be featured on BackStage.com!

To help you launch your career and build your fan base, Back Stage has partnered with OurStage.com, an online competition for emerging, independent music, film, and acting talent.

Starting today, actors can show off their talent on the new  Back Stage Stand-up Comedy and Back Stage Actors' Reels channels at OurStage.com. Just upload your video clips and wow viewers with your work. Participation is free and open to performers of all types.

Top-ranked videos, as determined entirely by fan votes, are selected each month. For the Back Stage channels, monthly prizes include one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry professionals, the opportunity to be featured on BackStage.com, and free yearly subscriptions to Back Stage and Ross Reports. Exclusive September prizes include free access to workshops and audition opportunities at Back Stage's yearly Actorfest expo on October 13, 2007 in New York, NY.

Additional prizes provided by OurStage include a guest EJ (entertainment jockey) gig on OurStage.com, a monthly Film Grand Prize of $5,000, and mentor sessions with industry veterans.

For more information and to showcase your work today, visit www.backstage.com/ourstage.

Back Stage On Oprah

20060220_512_350x263 Back Stage appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday in an episode titled, Viewers’ Favorite Oprah Moments. In the episode, Sandra Joseph, who played Christine Daae in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, talks about her favorite Oprah moment.

Joseph, who as a child was shy and timid, found her confidence after watching an episode of Oprah about a woman who found her own self-assurance by wearing a pair of Oprah's shoes (whatever works, right?). During Joseph’s interview where she talks about moving to NYC to find work, a reenactment of her is seen picking up a Back Stage magazine, flipping towards the Casting section.

No mention was made if she found the casting call for Phantom in our paper, but hey, now we can say we were on Oprah!!

--Diana DiSilvestro

Free Screening: 'A Dry White Season' in L.A.

Drywhiteseason Back Stage and Fine Arts Theatre invite you to a screening of A Dry White Season.

The event will be held Monday, Aug. 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the Fine Arts Theatre, 8556 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills.

The film be followed by a Q&A with director Euzhan Palcy, moderated by Stany Coppet, a former talk show host on French Guianese TV (Tele Guyane).

Set in South Africa during Apartheid, the 1989 film tells the story of Ben du Toit (Donald Sutherland), a white schoolteacher forced to stand up against the injustices committed against blacks when his gardener's son is killed. Du Toit enlists human rights attorney Ian McKenzie (Marlon Brando) to help with the case and quickly finds himself pulled deeper into the country's violent and exploitative racial divide.

Brando's portrayal of McKenzie garnered him BAFTA, Oscar, and Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actor.

Admission is free. RSVP to [email protected]. Note the number of guests in your party and your Back Stage affiliation. $2 validated parking available at 8484 Wilshire (S.E. corner of Wilshire and La Cienega).

L.A. Readers: Sign Up For Free Screenings!


Finearts Stay up-to-date on today's most innovative films and television with the SSG Screening Series!

Sign up for the series' mailing list and get advance notice of upcoming screenings and Q&As with directors, writers, and actors. Just go to www.studioscreenings.com and click on "Special Events" to register for email alerts.

Recent showings have included a documentary and live performance by musical group Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars and a Q&A with star Minnie Driver about her show The Riches.

Upcoming events include a July 17 viewing of romantic drama David and Layla and a July 25 screening of Italian director Christian Fillipella's short films. Both screenings include Q&As with the films’ directors and actors.

Free for Back Stage readers, all screenings are held at the 410-seat Fine Arts Theatre at 8556 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills , CA. $2 parking available.

Don't miss a single free screening. Sign up today at www.studioscreenings.com