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As Theatres Shrink, Actors Scramble

0423 ESPRESSO Tootsie Excellent piece from NPR's Elizabeth Blair on the effect of theatre downsizing on actors. One interesting tidbit is how actors will (or will not) work enough weeks to qualify for health insurance.

From the story:

"It's hard to know just how many fewer jobs there will be for stage actors this year. The Theater Communications Group, a national trade group for nonprofit theaters, tried to get a handle on the sector's fiscal health with a study back in December and January.

"Of the 200 theaters that responded, 20 percent said they planned to shorten their seasons; 30 percent said they planned to produce plays with smaller casts."

As John Connolly, executive director of Actors' Equity, puts it in the story, actors "are gonna have to deal with that." He didn't say it out of casual disregard--he was just stating the facts.

Then again, stage actors are used to being out of work--and being resourceful about getting a job anyway they can. Just ask Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels, the new woman administrator on Southwest General. (Hey--we're on deadline, we needed a photo, and there can never be enough Tootsie references on this blog. In fact, you just gotta watch this clip again. And this one, too. They'll make you feel better about being an actor.)

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