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Nielsen to Include Internet Usage in Measurements

0428 ESPRESSO Lost Nielsen, the ratings-measurement powerhouse that happens to also write sign our paychecks, will begin measuring Internet viewership this week when calculating eyeballs. It's interesting to see what that would do for a show such as Lost (executive producer Damon Lindelof, actor Evangeline Lilly, above), which has dropped markedly in the overnights from previous seasons but is one of the top-rated shows online.

From the story: "One concern some researchers have had about the program is the reluctance some households might have to sharing their online usage behavior with Nielsen, but Nielsen said the inclusion of Internet measurement would be optional, and that any households that declined it would still be eligible to participate in its conventional TV audience measurement panel. For those households who agree to participate in the integrated measurement, Nielsen said it would simultaneously measure their TV viewing, along with both Internet video consumption and Web site navigation."

Around the Dial: Fox is moving the time slot for animated comedy Sit Down, Shut Up; Scrubs may survive for yet another season (enough already); and the always valuable pilot season blog from THR.

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