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Online Video Ads on a Roll--Sort Of

Espresso3 An analyst predicts advertisers will spend close to $700 million this year on online video ads, which would be a 32 percent increase over last year. Relative to the overall economy, that's stupendous. However, those numbers represent a dropoff of an earlier projection--$805 million, or a 45 percent increase.

OnlineMediaDaily's Joe Mandese reports:

"One reason for online video advertising's relative staying power during the recession, [analyst Brian] Wieser says, is its ability to 'reach their consumers in a more targeted and cost-effective manner' than traditional media."

Relative to what is spent on TV advertising, $700 million is not much. Another analyst predicts that advertisers will spend $7.4 billion on the four major networks alone in the upfront market next month.

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