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The Best of ArtsJournal.com--Friday, April 24

0424 ESPRESSO Liberace  As loyal Espressoists know (yes, I mean the both of you), we're a fan of ArtsJournal.com, and we got weary of stealing from it (and then attributing it) that the aggregating site has acquired its own special real estate here.

Today's worthy reads concern Norman Lebrecht's provocative essay, "Why Artists Need a Geneva Convention," James Franco's turn toward the avant garde, and an NYT post on the gestating Liberace musical. (I can't say for certain, but I'm pretty sure it won't invovle Rolf from Sesame Street.) I never thought I'd say this, but forget about the words in the posting--scroll to the video. And, make all the jokes you want about Liberace, but the man could play.

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