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SHOCKER! Some in Arts World Are Whining!

0513 GOV Landesman Politico offers a thumb-sucker on "Is Obama doing enough for the arts?" On this particular score, the thinking here is that he's done just fine. Picking Rocco Landesman for the NEA chair was a good move, and he has supported increases in NEA funding, both in the stimulus package and 2008-09 budget, which didn't get done in time before Bush left office. Still, some people in the arts world love to whine, so Politico is giving them the space to do so. (I mean, if you want to pick on the guy, isn't the gay-rights issue a more legit one? Whatever.)

Pictured: Rocco Landesman, head of Jujamcyn Theatres and President Obama's nominee to chair the NEA.

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