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Gershon: Bye Bye, Shriners Dance

0825_gershon In an age where Broadway has shown audiences a naked Harry Potter in a horse barn and an entire cast talking about particular awakenings that sometimes occur in the spring, it seems ironic to hear that a scene in the classic musical “Bye Bye Birdie” won’t make it to the stage. According to The New York Daily News, Gina Gershon, who stars as Rose in the show’s revival, will not be crashing the Shriners banquet by way of the flirtatious dance scene that has been depicted on stages for nearly half a century.

Anyone who has seen the play or the original film should now envision the scene: a panel of boring people with Rose dancing above and below the table. Got it? Well according to Gershon, you are all now picturing a scene that is “a little too gang rape-y” for a 2009 audience.

“Grease” still showed Rizzo’s pregnancy scare even with Wednesday afternoon’s sometimes younger audience in the crowd. And what about the scene in “West Side Story," the one when Anita almost does get raped by a gang? It’s part of the story! 2009 likes sexy. But fine, take the scene, perhaps Conrad Birdie’s Elvis-like moves will be so hot, no one will notice.   

Pictured: Gina Gershon (Photo: Getty Images)

-- Ashley Johncola


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