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Asmar Muhammed on SAG Presidency, Awards-Show Fun

0910_muhammed For part three of our interview series with the SAG presidential candidates, our editor in chief Jamie Young sat down with the mystery man in the race, Asmar Muhammed. Unlike his fellow candidates, Muhammed is not a recognizable face, and by many accounts is a complete unknown to guild insiders on both sides of the aisle in Hollywood. We asked him what his first order of business would be if he were elected, and while the answer isn't exactly "buy a pony" or "build a rocketship," it is a little bit ... strange:

"If we have a SAG actors award at the end of the year, I think all members should be able to go. I think that shouldn't really be a big burden on the union to supply those other members that are not contenders, not walking down the red carpet to attend these events, because we're all part of hte union. We all pay our dues. So we all should reap the benefits, the perks of this institution."

Muhammed does get around to talking about new media, contracts, AFTRA and all the stuff you have to talk about if you're going to run for SAG president. He seems to understand that it's all important. It's just that it's not as important as EVERYBODY BEING INVITED TO THE SAG AWARDS. Does this make him crazy? Hell no. While Johnson and Howard bla-bla-bla each other to death, Muhammed is doing the grown-up equivalent of running for middle-school class president on the promise that you'll make every day in the cafeteria be pizza day. That's genius.

--Daniel Holloway

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