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Report: Bulk of Pilots Going AFTRA

0209_reardon For the second consecutive year the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists is dominating pilot season, leaving the Screen Actors Guild all but shut out, according to a report. Writing at The Huffington Post, media- and entertainment-law blogger Jonathan Handel cited "sources close to the two unions" saying that about 60 scripted network pilots are slated to be produced under AFTRA's primtetime contract this year. According to the report, that would leave few or possibly no pilots to be shot under SAG jurisdiction. Last year, as SAG flirted with the possibility of a strike, 66 of 70 network pilots went AFTRA—a dramatic shift from 2008, when SAG had jurisdiction over roughly 90 percent of pilots shot.

Read the story at The Huffington Post.

Pictured: AFTRA president Roberta Reardon (Photo: Getty Images)

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