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'Mad' Opinions; Jackie Chan Still Alive

Weiner • As the contract negotiations continue with "Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner, the debate rages about whether the showrunner should stick to his guns. The Wrap reports that Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof does not support Weiner's demands for more money and unchecked creative freedom. On the other hand, The Hollywood Reporter argues that Weiner's show put AMC on the map and he can demand whatever he wants. The Wrap and Los Angeles Times runs down the whole situation.

• A fake news report made the rounds yesterday that said actor Jackie Chan died of a heart attack. New York Post has the story, including this splendid recount: "Despite its numerous grammatical errors and a purported quote from President Barack Obama saying, 'First it's [recently deceased hip-hop star] Nate Dogg then it's Jackie Chan.'

• Xpand Infinity has developed a flexible 3D system to accommodate almost any screen size, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The company also made a 3D plug-in for PowerPoint, the glasses providing a new a way to hide that you've fallen asleep during a business meeting.

Pictured: Matthew Weiner (Photo: Getty Images)

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