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Netflix Acquires 'House of Cards'

Fincher Netflix has officially acquired drama series "House of Cards" and will distribute it exclusively on its subscription service, reports Deadline. "Social Network" director David Fincher will produce and direct the political thriller, which will star Kevin Spacey as a U.S. politician rising to power with an aim for the presidency. Netflix edged out AMC and HBO for the program's rights and this acquisition essentially makes it a television network.

This deal is Netflix's first venture into original programming. The digital corporation currently has more than 20 million subscribers and is committed to producing 26 episodes of the new series.  "Cards" is scheduled to premiere in late 2012 but Netflix reportedly will not advertise it on TV or billboards. The Hollywood Reporter points out that the cable industry will not take kindly to this development. Any Netflix effort to increase its digital content could take viewers away from paid television channels. It will be interesting to see how long until Amazon becomes a television network, too.

Pictured: David Fincher (Photos: Getty Images).

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It's not a Television network, it's a distribution company which will start distributing it's own original programming.

It's going to prove how game changing the internet really is, I am totally excited for this and was wondering who would be the first.

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