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Starz Places 90-Day Delay on Netflix

Starz said on Thursday it will no longer make its original programming available on Netflix the day after they're broadcast pay TV channel, illustrating more trepidation to Netflix's continuing expansion. Netflix subscribers will now have to wait three months to receive view Starz shows unless they actually pay for the channel, reported the New York Times. Starz added that it will eventually follow the same procedure with the premiere films it broadcasts. However, according to the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, Netflix said any such delay of movies would breach their current contract.

This new policy came two days after CBS' Showtime, another premium pay channel, announced this summer it will not make its original programming available on Netflix. Starz' delay, which begins April 1, also applies to online streaming services by Qwest and Verizon, but the Los Angeles Times noted Netflix appears to be the main target. Interestingly, the 2008 agreement between the two helped boost Netflix' business because Starz provided it with Disney and Sony films. Starz's and Showtime's alterations to their Netflix relationships depict how some in Hollywood may view Netflix as a future competitor, especially with the service distributing original programming later this year. 
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