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Could Katie Couric Kill 'General Hospital'?

0505 katie couric 2 Katie Couric is reportedly down to one suitor in her effort to transition from faint, irrelevant echo of Walter Cronkite to faint, irrelevant echo of Oprah Winfrey. But the news broken by TVGuide.com that ABC is now the most likely network to secure Couric's services as a daytime talk-show host could have a huge impact for actors—specifically actors who work on "General Hospital."

The big question still unanswered about Couric's deal with ABC, as the Los Angeles Times points out, is whether the network would produce a syndicated show to sell to local stations or a network show to air on its affiliates. If it's the latter deal, that opens up the possibility that ABC could move or eliminate "General Hospital" in order to make room for Couric.

ABC, of course, just announced its intention to cancel two soaps—"All My Children" and "One Life to Live"—leaving "General Hospital" as the network's last daytime drama left standing. Actors, union leaders, and people in business suits have been blunt in their predictions that the soap genre will be extinct in the not too distant future; but seeing ABC go from having three daytime dramas to none in the span of just a few months would be an awful development for working actors.

Pictured: Katie Couric (Photo: Getty Images)

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This is ridiculous. The fans have already spoken about AMC and OLTL. We absolutely don't need another talk show especially to replace General Hospital. The network needs to have some respect for its viewers...or the viewers will completely boycott ABC and its companies.

This will force me and many! many! people from ever watching ABC again! They are really screwing up..You don't mess with soaps..people have been watching them their whole lives!! These talk shows are crap!

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