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Film Directors Flock to Television

Step aside movies. Television should no longer be thought of as the “small screen.” With many film directors moving to network programming, television actors have the chance to work with the likes of Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann and Gus Van Sant. High-definition televisions, iPads, Netflix and Hulu are helping blur the physical lines between movies and TV, but for many filmmakers the attraction to the tube is experimentation. Cable programming is allowing directors to try out things that would not be possible with a movie studio.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the longer format and a different set of viewers allow television to be more innovative than it has been in the past. Instead of flocking to the silver screen, filmmakers are taking the time to write, produce or direct (and sometimes all three) television series in which they can explore hard-hitting, in-depth drama that lately has been absent from the movie scene. In fact, Oscar-nominated director David Fincher is set to produce a drama series starring Kevin Spacey for Netflix in late 2012. While distortion of the lines between media might be troubling for networks and studios, it may have beneficial impacts on the creative community: actors can work with renowned filmmakers, directors can create new turf, and viewers can enjoy an excuse to never leave their houses again.
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The past few years feature film actors have been coming to TV in droves, it was only a matter of time that directors did. Welcome!

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