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IA Shakes Things Up

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IA), the union that represents nearly 120,000 people who work behind the scenes of movies and TV shows, is shaking things up with the help of President Matt Loeb. Loeb, who took over in 2008, has put the entertainment industry’s largest union on an aggressive course, according to The Los Angeles Times. IA conducted a high-profile strike of the TV show “The Biggest Loser” in Los Angeles last November and has recently picketed U2’s new documentary for the band’s decision to use a nonunion crew.

Loeb is also rearranging things inside IA as well. He has hired a research firm to survey union members about their health and pension plans and will hold “town meetings” to discuss changes they would like to see. Loeb’s initiatives also include teaming up with other unions to provide mutual assistance and expanding IA to include visual-effects artists.

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There must be a major drop in union membership for the IA to panic! As a member I can't tell you how disgusted I am of my locals lack of effort in helping the members stay busy! We have 6000 members but only 2000 are working! What's really upsetting is most of the working members are jumping from 1 show to another plus plenty of overtime. while the rest of us cant even get 2 days of work! There is no such thing as brotherhood! It's more like backstabbing! The local seems to spend more time organizing for new members to join the union! More members more dues & more unemployed members!
When we call our union to say we need work! Theyreply "We're not a hire union! You must look for work yourself!" How could we look for work when the shows list gets distributed either after their crewed up or it's about to wrap and most of the time there is no contact information available!

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