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MPAA Succeeds in Blocking U.K. File-Sharing Site

For the first time, the U.K.’s High Court issued orders to completely block access to a file-sharing website. The site, called Newzbin 2, offered various links to pirated films, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This is considered a landmark case because it sets a precedent, saying similar sites may be shut down also. It is the first time that an ISP has been ordered to ban access to such a website.

“This ruling from Justice Arnold is a victory for millions of people working in the U.K. creative industries, and demonstrates that the law of the land must apply online,” said Chris Marcich, president and managing director of the MPAA.
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The UK court got it right. This site is yet another form of piracy. The use of linking rather than direct hosting or bandwidth theft is simply a technical trick to try to escape liability for the infringement.

Victory! The film industry has been long suffering. Put those pirates in prison!

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