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New Yorker Festival Line-Up Set; Jobs' TV Impact

Jobs • Ready your monocles and verbose opinions, the 2011 New Yorker Festival will take place from Sept. 30 through Oct. 2. Attendees will enjoy film screenings and presentations by "New Yorker" writers and contributors as well as their interviews with the likes of Chris Colfer, Steve Martin, and Edie Falco. Check it out at The New York Times.

• Steve Jobs tendered his resignation as CEO of Apple yesterday. Los Angeles Times looks at how the man in the black turtleneck affected the TV industry by selling shows on iTunes. He essentially helped push the industry into considering digital outlets for consumption.

The Wrap tries to figure out why there so many roommate-oriented shows this fall season. It is a mystery given that everyone in the world lives alone. Actually, it stems from the fact that writers and actors often lived with roommates while trying to break into the industry and those experiences have inspired them to create.

• Price Berkley, the founder of Theatrical Index, a compilation of Broadway production data sold to journalists and industry workers, died Aug. 21. Read his obituary at Playbill.

• Michael Showers, cast member on "Treme," was found dead in the Mississippi River Wednesday morning, reported Entertainment Weekly.

Pictured: Steve Jobs (Photo: Getty Images)

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